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Sandspurs: Notes from a Coastal Columnist
Mark Lane
Pubdate: 9/7/2008

Far from the myth of surf, sand, and orange juice, Mark Lane's snapshots of life in the Sunshine State are more likely to feature gargantuan insects than bikini-clad coeds.
Cloth: $24.95
Nino Pernetti's Caffè Abbracci Cookbook: His Life Story and Travels around the World
Nino Pernetti, Ferdie Pacheco, and Luisita Sevilla Pacheco
Pubdate: 5/11/2008

Cloth: $40.00
The American Beach Cookbook
Marsha Dean Phelts
Pubdate: 3/30/2008

Paper: $19.95
Highway A1A: Florida at the Edge
Herbert L. Hiller
Pubdate: 9/14/2005

The story of Florida’s Highway A1A--the 500 miles between Fernandina Beach and Key West--and its crucial role in both the historic settlement and the future of a state adapting to 21st century demands. 39 b&w photos, 13 maps, travel guide listings.
Paper: $24.95
The Habana Café Cookbook
Josefa Gonzalez-Hastings
Pubdate: 6/30/2004

Author is head chef and owner of the Habana Café in Gulfport, Florida. Originally from Cuba, she came to Florida with her parents in 1966. Family recipies are the base for a creative fusion of traditional Cuban foods with modern dishes.
Paper: $19.95
Orange Journalism: Voices from Florida's Newspapers
Julian M. Pleasants
Pubdate: 9/8/2003

Cloth: $27.95
Florida's Farmworkers in the Twenty-first Century
Nano Riley and Davida Johns
Pubdate: 3/30/2003

Cloth: $24.95
Tampa Cigar Workers: A Pictorial History
Robert P. Ingalls and Louis A. Pérez, Jr.
Pubdate: 2/20/2003

Cloth: $29.95
More Than Black: Afro-Cubans in Tampa
Susan D. Greenbaum
Pubdate: 6/30/2002

Cloth: $59.95
Paper: $24.95
Maximum Insight: Selected Columns by Bill Maxwell
Bill Maxwell
Pubdate: 11/30/2001

Selected columns by the St. Petersburg Times writer, syndicated in over 200 papers nationwide, on topics ranging from race relations and individual responsibility, to education, politics, and a civil society.
Cloth: $24.95
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