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Joyce on the Threshold
Edited by Anne Fogarty and Timothy Martin
Pubdate: 9/25/2005

Cloth: $65.00
Twenty-First Joyce
Edited by Ellen Carol Jones and Morris Beja
Pubdate: 12/14/2004

Cloth: $65.00
Shaw Shadows: Rereading the Texts of Bernard Shaw
Peter Gahan
Pubdate: 11/26/2004

Cloth: $59.95
Bernard Shaw's The Black Girl in Search of God: The Story behind the Story
Leon Hugo
Pubdate: 8/7/2003

Cloth: $55.00
Joyce and the Early Freudians: A Synchronic Dialogue of Texts
Jean Kimball
Pubdate: 4/27/2003

Cloth: $59.95
Joyce and the Scene of Modernity
David Spurr
Pubdate: 8/30/2002

Cloth: $59.95
Rite of Passage in the Narratives of Dante and Joyce
Jennifer Margaret Fraser
Pubdate: 8/30/2002

Cloth: $59.95
Joyce's Ulysses as National Epic: Epic Mimesis and the Political History of the Nation State
Andras Ungar
Pubdate: 3/20/2002

Cloth: $59.95
Joyce and the Victorians
Tracey Teets Schwarze
Pubdate: 2/14/2002

Cloth: $59.95
Bernard Shaw's Remarkable Religion: A Faith That Fits the Facts
Stuart E. Baker
Pubdate: 2/6/2002

Cloth: $59.95
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