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James Joyce's "Fraudstuff"
Kimberly J. Devlin
Pubdate: 2/2/2002

Cloth: $59.95
Joycean Temporalities: Debts, Promises, and Countersignatures
Tony Thwaites
Pubdate: 10/25/2001

Thwaites reframes a number of familiar critical debates and issues-Joycean aesthetics and history, the "mythic" parallels of Ulysses, the realtionship of the interior monologue to literary realism, the vexed figure of the narrator, and the endless effects
Cloth: $59.95
Joyce's Metamorphosis
Stanley Sultan
Pubdate: 8/29/2001

Using the fiction the young James Joyce was writing from 1904 to 1906, Sultan traces the process by which Joyce evolved into the mature artist.
Cloth: $59.95
The Matter with Ireland, Second Edition
Bernard Shaw, edited by Dan H. Laurence and David H. Greene
Pubdate: 5/24/2001

With the addition of thirteen previously uncollected pieces, this new volume of Bernard Shaw’s political journalism presents the most complete book in existence of Shaw’s writing on Ireland and its political troubles. Representing a 60-year period
Cloth: $59.95
The Dublin Helix: The Life of Language in Joyce's Ulysses
Sebastian D. G. Knowles
Pubdate: 4/22/2001

The Dublin Helix is a puzzle book, taking as its method James Joyce's own playful manipulations of language and matching them with entertaining word searches, acrostics, and other enigmas. Knowles finds ways into Ulysses that have never before
Cloth: $59.95
Joyce Beyond Marx: History and Desire in Ulysses and Finnegans Wake
Patrick McGee
Pubdate: 3/28/2001

Joyce Beyond Marx brings together 11 essays and a new introduction by internationally respected Joyce scholar Patrick McGee. While a number of the pieces have been previously published, McGee has extensively revised them, integrated them with substantial
Cloth: $55.00
Bernard Shaw and the French
Michel W. Pharand
Pubdate: 2/15/2001

Michel Pharand analyzes the curiously ambiguous relationship between George Bernard Shaw and all things French. While Shaw often proclaimed his abiding distaste and disdain for the French culture, Pharand unveils convincing evidence of the playwright's
Cloth: $59.95
D. H. Lawrence, Desire, and Narrative
Earl G. Ingersoll
Pubdate: 2/4/2001

This exploration of D. H. Lawrence's longer fiction marks a long overdue effort to bring the writing of a major 20th-century British author into a postmodern context. Ingersoll turns to theorists who have been influenced by psychoanalyst Jacques Lacan--
Cloth: $59.95
Voices and Values in Joyce's Ulysses
Weldon Thornton
Pubdate: 12/20/2000

This book provides a clear, well-substantiated answer to a question that has vexed critics for decades: Why does Joyce employ a different style for each of the last ten episodes of "Ulysses"? Rejecting the commonly held position that this variety of
Cloth: $59.95
Joyce's Comic Portrait
Roy Gottfried
Pubdate: 8/27/2000

In the first book-length study of the comedic in "Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man," Roy Gottfried argues that far from being a solemn work, Joyce's early masterpiece is covertly but determinedly comic. Specifically, he looks at the Portrait's
Cloth: $59.95
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