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A Comprehensive Outline of World History
Maxfield, Jack E., Connexions, Rice University
Pubdate: 1/1/2008

This free PDF textbook presents Jack E. Maxfield's "A Comprehensive Outline of World History" as originally organized, chronologically by era and across regions within an era. Each chapter covers a period of historical time (e.g. a century). Sections
Paper: $49.50
A First Course in Linear Algebra
Beezer, Robert A.
Pubdate: 11/19/2008

This textbook is designed to college sophomores and juniors the basics of linear algebra and the techniques of formal mathematics. There are no prerequisites other than ordinary algebra. The text has two goals: to teach the fundamental concepts and techniques of matrix algebra and abstract vector spaces, and to teach the techniques associated with understanding the definitions and theorems forming a coherent area of mathematics. There is an emphasis on worked examples and on proving theorems carefully. Contents: 1) Systems of Linear Equations. 2) Vectors. 3) Matrices. 4) VS Vector Spaces. 5) Determinants. 6) Linear Transformations. 7) Representations.
Paper: $53.00
A Problem Course In mathematical Logic
Bilaniuk, Stefan
Pubdate: 9/2/2003

A Problem Course in Mathematical Logic is intended to serve as the text for an introduction to mathematical logic for undergraduates with some mathematical sophistication. It supplies definitions, statements of results, and problems, along with some explanations, examples, and hints. The idea is for the students, individually or in groups, to learn the material by solving the problems and proving the results for themselves. The book should do as the text for a course taught using the modified Moore-method. The book is available in LaTeX, PDF, and PostScript formats at:
The Abolition of Slavery in Ottoman Tunisia
Ismael M. Montana
Pubdate: 8/20/2013

Fully explicates the complexity of Tunisian society and culture and reveals how abolition was able to occur in an environment hostile to such change
Cloth: $74.95
Acts of Light: Martha Graham in the Twenty-first Century
Photographs by John Deane, text by Nan Deane Cano
Pubdate: 11/15/2006

Cloth: $39.95
Addiction: A Family Affair
Scott A. Teitelbaum
Pubdate: 12/18/2011

The University of Florida guide to understanding, preventing, and dealing with addiction
Cloth: $19.95
An Admiral for America: Sir Peter Warren,Vice Admiral of the Red,1703-1752
Julian Gwyn
Pubdate: 4/19/2004

Cloth: $59.95
Admiral Lord Keith and the Naval War against Napoleon
Kevin D. McCranie
Pubdate: 4/30/2006

Cloth: $59.95
Advanced Principles in Teaching Classical Ballet
John White
Pubdate: 3/15/2009

Insights and guidelines for teaching the best students
Paper: $29.95
Advertising and Commodity Culture in Joyce
Garry Leonard
Pubdate: 12/31/1998

Cloth: $59.95
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