Homegrown in Florida

Edited by William McKeen

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"A tall but telescopic-sight-true tale of Hunter Thompson, Jimmy Buffett, Tom McGuane, and a large cavorting cast running around with sand in their shoes at 'ground zero for lust and greed and most of the other deadly sins': Key West."--Tom Wolfe

"An engrossing tell-all in which Key West's most notable residents struggle to find sanity, sobriety and a place to call home."--Kirkus Reviews

"A necessary read for fans of Florida fiction or any of the figures included here, as well as for those traveling to Key West."--Library Journal

"McKeen's portrait of Key West as a onetime bohemian utopia and hotspot is atmospheric, and . . . his anecdotes are absorbing."--Publishers Weekly

"A romp . . . a rollicking chronicle of the musicians, artists, writers and filmmakers who created a vibrant if nihilistic scene in the 1970s. Deft storytelling . . . a good story about good times (and bad)."--Wall Street Journal

"Only enhances the appeal of the Conch Republic . . . a tale of the island’s famous personalities that flows as easily as an ocean breeze."--Orlando Sentinel

"Make McKeen's tale your next trip to the island."--South Florida Sun-Sentinel

"A wonderful zinger of a book. Never before have the literary traditions of the Conch Republic been mined for such gold nugget anecdotes."--Douglas Brinkley

Mile Marker Zero tells the story of how a league of great American writers and artists found their identities in Key West and maintained their friendships over the decades, despite oceans of booze and boatloads of pot, through serial marriages and sexual escapades, in that dangerous paradise. Here are true tales of a generation that invented, reinvented, and found itself at the unending cocktail party at the end--and the beginning--of America’s highway.

William McKeen is the author or editor of many books, including Homegrown in Florida, Outlaw Journalist: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson, Highway 61: A Father-and-Son Journey through the Middle of America, and Rock and Roll Is Here to Stay: An Anthology. He is chair of the Department of Journalism at Boston University.

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"A powerful anthology aimed at celebrating those who spent their childhoods in Florida, and considers what life was like for those who grew up in the state." The Midwest Book Review

"A crazy quilt of an anthology that differs from one writer to the next in the same way that Florida looks and feels vastly different from region to region and, in some places, from one side of a city to another." Florida Book Review

"Florida can be an amazing place to grow up. This is an anthology of some of the state's best writers talking about romance and the pain of growing up here." The Daytona Beach News-Journal

"A superb book" Slate Magazine

“Mixes the bitter with the sweet, and while it is particular to a time and place, it also has a coming-of-age universality.” On a Clear Day I Can Read Forever (blog)

"A valentine to growing up in the Sunshine State… Homegrown shows a raw, slower-paced Florida." Arude Magazine

"Reveals a world of vivid memories and black and white photographs, of quiet towns and close families, of details that might easily have slipped through the cracks." Arude Magazine

"Well-known writers along with journalists, poets, and musicians team up to reminisce about coming of age in that once unspoiled paradise." Atlantic Journal-Constitution

"This exceptional collection reveals that Florida kids face the same challenges as others, but they may just be a little bit luckier because they can do so with their toes in the sand." Library Journal

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