Cannibal Joyce

Thomas Jackson Rice

Foreword by Sebastian D. G. Knowles, Series Editor
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"In this engaging study Rice examines the linguistic, literary, and material cultures that Joyce cannibalized in his books. Energetic, well written, and often quite funny, Cannibal Joyce is a major contribution to the study of Joyce's themes and techniques."--Patrick A. McCarthy, University of Miami

"Rice's striking and original contribution is to suggest that Joyce's appetite was omnivorous, extending not merely to literary structures, but to historical moments and beyond, to systems, to the artifacts of material culture, and to the rising technologies of the twentieth century--film, radio, and television."--Roy Gottfried, Vanderbilt University

Thomas Rice uses the concept of cannibalism (what he calls "dismemberment, ingestion, and reprocessing") to describe Joyce's incorporation of so many literary and cultural allusions, both "high" and "popular." Beginning with examples of actual and symbolic cannibalism that fascinated Joyce--the Donner party, the Catholic Eucharist--Rice moves on to the ways Joyce appropriated language and elements of material culture into his work.

In Cannibal Joyce, Rice deftly offers a wide range of surprising connections and fascinating insights. A look at Berlitz's approach to teaching language leads to an examination of Joyce's aesthetic of disjunction in language. He compares Joyce and Joseph Conrad in light of the difficulties of modernism for readers through a startling and convincing discussion of the condom. And by focusing attention on colonial tales of cannibalism and Britain's treatment of the Irish, he provides a unique perspective on Joyce's politics.

Thomas Jackson Rice is professor of English at the University of South Carolina.

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