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An American Beach for African Americans
Marsha Dean Phelts
Pubdate: 5/25/2010

Cloth: $24.95
Paper: $19.95
Guy LaBree: Barefoot Artist of the Florida Seminoles
Carol Mahler
Pubdate: 3/7/2010

Meet the outsider who gave color and shape to sacred Seminole legends, life, and history
Cloth: $34.95
Florida Cowboys: Keepers of the Last Frontier
Photographs by Carlton Ward Jr.
Pubdate: 11/15/2009

Visit a Florida where sunburn is the result of honest, hard work
Cloth: $45.00
The Columbia Restaurant: Celebrating a Century of History, Culture, and Cuisine
Andrew T. Huse
Pubdate: 11/12/2009

Cloth: $40.00
Seasons of Real Florida
Jeff Klinkenberg
Pubdate: 9/20/2009

This award-winning feature writer for the St. Petersburg Times takes readers on an off the beaten path, seasonal tour of Florida's history, folkways, and natural landscape.
Cloth: $24.95
Paper: $19.95
Kick Ass: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen
Carl Hiaasen, edited by Diane Stevenson
Pubdate: 9/13/2009

A collection of over 200 of best-selling author Carl Hiaasen's Miami Herald columns, written with the same dark humor & satricial wit as his fiction. Evokes the disastrously flawed paradise of modern South Florida, its developers, conmen, crooks, & cops.
Cloth: $24.95
Florida's American Heritage River: Images from the St. Johns Region
Mallory M. O'Connor and Gary Monroe
Pubdate: 9/4/2009

Cloth: $44.95
The Tropic of Cracker
Al Burt
Pubdate: 3/1/2009

Miami Herald columnist Al Burt's tribute to "Crackers," or lovers of "The Real Florida" : Zora N. Hurston, MK Rawlings, Virgil Hawkins, John DeGrove, Harry Crews, & lots of everyday folks who have in common their memory of Florida as a wild, rare place.
Paper: $19.95
Tampa on My Mind
Edited by Kimberly Williams, Gregory Thomas, Ronald Williams and Cheryl Borman
Pubdate: 1/4/2009

Cloth: $34.95
A Brief Guide to Florida's Monuments and Memorials
Roberta Sandler
Pubdate: 9/21/2008

Paper: $21.95
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