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Shaw's Theater

Examines Shaw's work in the theater and the use of theater in his work. Part I, "Bernard Shaw, Director" was originally published in 1971 and remains the most authoritative work on this aspect of Shaw. Part II: "The Director as Interpreter:
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Chaos Theory and James Joyce's Everyman

Applies chaos theory to James Joyce's Ulysses, & specifically to the course of Leopold Bloom's day, ultimately showing how and why chaos theory offers the best model yet for understanding daily human life and a fresh, humanistic understanding of Joyce.
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Joyce through the Ages: A Nonlinear View

Edited collection of essays focusing on social, cultural, and historical aspects of age and aging in Joyce's work. Examines nontraditional connections suggested by chaos theory.
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Reading Derrida Reading Joyce

The first major comprehensive study of the relationship between Joyce and Derrida, exploring in full Derrida’s reading of Joyce as deconstructive and the use English-speaking Joyceans have made of Derrida’s theories.
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Pygmalion's Wordplay: The Postmodern Shaw

Offers a fresh interpretation of Pygmalion as a postmodern work in which Henry Higgins’s struggle to transform a flower girl into a duchess parallels Shaw’s reinvention of himself as the larger-than-life G.B.S.
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Advertising and Commodity Culture in Joyce

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Joyce, Joyceans, and the Rhetoric of Citation

Examines Joyce's aversion to quotation marks (he c
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Joyce's Music and Noise: Theme and Variation in His Writings

Explains all of Joyce's writing in terms of music
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Greek and Hellenic Culture in Joyce

Examines the essential contributions of Greek lang
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Gender in Joyce